Britpop Tribute Band

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Creating the UK’s definitive BritPop Tribute Band was born out of pure love and passion for the 90’s Britpop scene and it’s music but, putting a tribute band together was only the start. All of the members wanted to create a show that would entertain people of all ages whilst still portraying the songs accurately and with high energy. The visual aspects are equally as important the show and so the full show “Brit Pop Reloaded” was born. Amongst the band is a wealth of musical experience and knowledge which combined has created a unique treat for fans of the 90’s BritPop scene and anyone else who likes to see a good show with good music executed expertly. Add to that some visual movies* and the show is completed ready for the public to enjoy to the maximum.

The band is fronted by the mesmerising Mark Hillier who has along with other members of the band have shared the stage or supported big names such as: The Farm, Shed 7, The Kooks, Dodgy, Supergrass, Gary Stringer (Reef), Chris Helme (Seahorses) to name but a few, some of which were in the last year. Add 5 other people including Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums and two Guitar players, the latter three adding backing vocals and the songs are recreated accurately and in such a way that the audience are often prompted to say things like, “I closed my eyes and you sound just like the record!” and “unbelievably good”. Add all of this to a visually stimulating stage show and you are guaranteed to leave singing all the songs you thought you had forgotten and quite possibly with a skip in your step.

Songs you will see are performed by this Britpop Tribute Band are by big name artists such as Oasis, Blur, Stone Roses, Ocean Colour Scene, Shed 7, Happy Mondays, The Farm and many more from the 90’s BritPop era that have stayed with you ever since.