‘The Britpop revival starts here.” - Resolution Magazine

“Sunshine for your ears…If Marquis Drive keep bringing out bangers like this...god only knows how society is going to function in a civilised manner.” - RGM magazine

“Sheer brilliance.” - Clobber magazine

“It’s a powerhouse of a single.” - Lucy Onions Music Photography & reviews

“It stands out as a track because refreshingly it doesn’t just seek to replicate those heady days when you couldn’t move for a Gallagher, but puts their own personality on it - and the video which shows them larking around in a field with scooters does exactly the same.” - From The Stars

“Marquis Drive had the whole venue bouncing and singing as they created a real festival atmosphere. Such was the buzz created, it would be tough for any band to follow.” - Sheffield Star

“Proper Fackin’ Band” - Danny Dyer

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